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Here are some of the Products - Dr Ruintan uses:

Root Canals-Endodontics

Root Canal Therapy treats disorders of the nerve of the tooth. The decay of the tooth has caused the nerve to be irritated or abscessed. Treatment consists of opening the crown, removing the diseased part, then filling and sealing the tooth. In most cases the tooth can be saved in this procedure.

Preventative Care

A visit to the Dental Hygienist is recommended every 6 months for cleaning. Our certified hygienist will use state-of-the-art equipment, to treat stick-to-Teeth Tartar (Plaque Which Hardens), followed by a fluoride treatment.


Start smiling more. Choose the nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth. Nearly everyone who needs straighter teeth can be treated with Invisalign. Alone or as part of a combined treatment plan for adults and mature teens. READ MORE


Lumineers are painless and permanent, and can ultimately improve your smile without removing sensitive tooth structure. What makes a natural looking smile more possible than ever before is the innovative technology behind Cerinate Porcelain. READ MORE

Teeth Whitening:

Fast, Safe, and effective.

Tooth Whitening is the Most Popular Dental Procedure in the US. Restore your smile to its natural beauty. Sapphire Chairside Whitening System has been clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 12 shades within an hour and over 7 shades in just 30 minutes. READ MORE

Laser Treatment:

Lasers are now used with precision and demonstrate high levels of accuracy. They are currently used successfully in many sectors of health care, particularly ophthalmology, dermatology, and dentistry. READ MORE




Take a look at our brochure for more information on CareCredit.

Wisdom Teeth

The third molars, or wisdom teeth, are called such because they develop in most individuals after they become adults, long after all other teeth are in place. It normally is around the age of 17. It is best to have the teeth removed during their developing stage, which is from ages 17 to 25. It is not only easier due to roots not being fully developed, but recovery time is much quicker.

Periostat ™

Is the first and only medication that suppresses these enzymes, reducing tissue damage. When used with SRP, it can help slow down, stop, and sometimes reverse periodontal damage.


We use state-of-the-art Autoclave Heat Sterilization.